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Regular maintenance is most likely to cause fatigue and injury because it involves mopping a large area and it’s often done daily. If this type of mopping is done with a traditional looped end wet mop, mop handle and mop bucket & wringer, it’s not surprising that it would cause injury.

A wet looped end mop can weigh up to 8 pounds, now consider the fact that it’s being swung
around at the end of a five foot handle. No matter how ergonomic the mop handle is, or how careful the person is about keeping their back straight, elbows in, grip wide, using their lower body to swing the mop around and all the other tips we’ve learned over the years about preventing injury while mopping, it’s still a strenuous activity when performed day after day. The only way to drastically reduce the exposure to injury is to completely change the way we maintain floors.

Here’s a brief explanation of how to mop with microfiber flat mops:

Adjust the mop handle so it’s just below your chin.
Adjust the lower grip (available on our Heavy Duty Tools) so it’s about 12” below the top grip.
Place the mop tool on the white side of the mop pad. Extend the pad end of the mop tool so it’s only between 12” and 18” out from your feet.
Put one hand at the top of the handle the other hand on the lower grip. At this point the handle should be almost vertical; this will ensure that you’re keeping your back straight.
Begin working the mop side to side in almost a figure eight motion while twisting the handle to keep the leading edge of the mop in front. You don’t need to extend the mop to either side very far; you shouldn’t be mopping more than a 3’ or 4’ path in any given pass. When you try to extend your path beyond that you’ll have a tendency to over exert your arms and back because you’re trying to reach further than needed with the mop.
Work backward through the area your mopping so you don’t leave footprints on the still damp floor.
Replace your microfiber mop pads often.

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